Bridge Housing Volunteer Day 2019

Assett Group Services is continually striving to make a difference in the community and for the tenants of our not-for-profit clients.
before landscaping and maintenance
after landscaping and maintenance

Before (left) and after (right) shots of the front common ground at 108 Warners Avenue, Bondi

A recent team exercise with one of our long-term clients, Bridge Housing, was a fantastic success! Our team of Assett supervisors volunteered their time as they worked to transform the common ground at one of the Bridge Housing properties in Bondi, which was in need of some maintenance and landscaping work.
volunteering by assett group
AGS operation manager

Many hands make light work.

It was a combined effort as our team tackled various landscaping works and maintenance tasks throughout the property, such as removing rotten wood edging and dead plants and preparing the soil for fresh new covering. The team then planted twenty-two new plants, set out some stepping stones and laid some mulch to make an inviting entrance to the building. The hedges were trimmed, whilst the back garden and driveways were raked and brushed, ensuring the area was neat and tidy. All these tasks amongst many others were completed with our usual high spirit and great team morale.
the team getting started
hard work complete

The team during (left) and after (right) a hard days work.

Following the successful completion of the common ground’s property, Assett sponsored refreshments and a delicious BBQ lunch which was enjoyed by all. A perfect thank you to all the hard work our volunteers had put in. There was a great amount of team effort involved, which illustrated an excellent example of the importance of communication and teamwork both within our team of supervisors and with those of the client.
All the hard work and team effort was rewarded and recognised as the tenants of the property and the surrounding neighbours complimented the transformation of the property and the great impact that it made in the surrounding area.
We regard our Bridge Housing Volunteer Day 2019 as a great accomplishment and a fun day for all involved and are looking forward to our next volunteer project.