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Servicing the Social Housing sector with proficiency and sensitivity.

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Facilities Maintenance with An Exclusive Focus

Assett Group Services serves the Social Housing sector exclusively.

Because we serve one sector and one sector only, our dedication to this important aspect of our society is pure and undiluted. We’re not distracted by any alternating focus on other, additional sectors or client bases.

Our exclusivity ensures a currency of sector-specific knowledge and a drive for continual improvement.

Services include:

  • Facilities maintenance
  • Refurbishment
  • Building remediation
  • Disability modifications
  • Lawns and ground care
  • After hours emergency repairs
  • Building reports
  • Fire compliance
  • Property condition assessments

Specialists in Social Housing Maintenance

We operate upon a foundation of genuine appreciation of the need for Government agencies to provide healthy, well-maintained home environments for those within our society who are unable to satisfy this basic human need and dignity.

Assett Is A People Business

Assett appreciates the special needs of many tenants in Social Housing sector accommodation . . . responding with an attitude of understanding and sensitivity.

Why Assett?

A People Business
A modus operandi that’s a genuinely close partnership with our clients, with the greatest respect for all their stakeholder groups.
Dedication to the Social Housing Sector
We exist solely to service the maintenance needs of Social Housing . . . and to do so proficiently and responsibly, with intelligent sensitivity.
Quality Focus
Additional to industry quality certification norms, our Social Housing sector-specific dedication underpins our thrust for continual improvement in our own right.
Trade-Qualified Servicepeople
Assett uses ONLY qualified and fully licensed tradespeople in the field. We troubleshoot in the moment and on the spot.
Value for Money (VfM)
Assett’s exclusive dedication to Social Housing maintenance, produces an ever-increasing depth of sector-specific knowledge. We capitaliise upon this for the benefit of our clients, in terms of asset preservation, VfM strategies, and more.
Risk Management
The deeper the degree of understanding of a client’s business, the more effective the minimisation of risk. Effective risk mitigation not only protects reputations; it also enhances the performance and lifespan of the client’s assets.

Our Success Stories

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Assett's Work in the Community

Assett participates in many different ways within the broader communities of which its work teams, clients, and tenants are part.

We provide scholarships along with specific, tailored employment and training opportunities for Social Housing tenants, indigenous Australians, individuals with special needs in the workplace, and persons with disabilities.

We partner with agencies that are dedicated to this field of specialisation as their core business.