Our Capability

Assett Group Services is a multi-trade Facilities Maintenance provider servicing – exclusively – the New South Wales Social Housing sector.

Our entire business is founded upon a close understanding and appreciation of a Government’s need to provide healthy, well-maintained home environments for those within our society for whom satisfying this basic need would not otherwise be possible.

We currently service, on behalf of our clientele, a combined portfolio comprising in excess of 10,000 properties – representing a combination of stand-alone dwellings and multi-unit apartment complexes.

Since our 2007 inception, Assett has delivered on more than 190,000 work orders.

Breadth of Service

We are extensively experienced in a broad range of services within the two primary categories of Responsive Maintenance and Programmed Maintenance.

These component services include Refurbishment, End-of-Tenancy Restoration (“Vacants”), Building Remediation, Fire Compliance, Disability Modifications, Building Reports, Property Condition Assessments, Lawns and Grounds Care, and 24/7 After-hours Emergency Repairs.

Our field force includes more than 255 selectively appointed subcontracting organisations.

Expertise in the Field

Additionally, one of Assett’s key points of difference is the fully trade-qualified Project Managers we employ directly – which allows us to identify, troubleshoot, repair and/or implement mitigations in the first instance, on the spot and without delay or layers of additional cost.

In addition to our practice of having only fully trade-qualified mobile Project Managers heading our frontline response teams, our highly customised, full-spectrum, real-time, “WorkBuddy” maintenance management system underpins our ability to easily meet required work order timeframes.

In-House Experience

Our 43-strong team of headquarters personnel (many of whom are long-term employees) holds a wealth of knowledge of the sector.

Across the ranks, our staff members (including many long-serving Assett personnel) have a personal average of six years’ Social Housing experience.

Complemented by our long-standing subcontractor relationships, this knowledge base and “lessons learned” experience, is fundamental to our effectiveness and proficiency – both out in the field, and in operations control, co-ordination and communications.

Assett's Definition of 'Solution'

The ever-increasing depth of sector-specific knowledge resulting from Assett’s exclusive dedication to Social Housing maintenance, provides our clients with the opportunity to work collaboratively with us on strategies for the preservation of their assets and the optimisation of their budget capabilities.

Our depth of understanding of the Social Housing sector, and our resultant insight into our client’s needs, allows us to work with them in a genuinely value-added, proactive manner . . . nowhere more so than in the discipline of Programmed Maintenance and associated solutions.

On which note:

We do not use the term “solutions” in the same overly-loose manner in which it is employed by today’s broader services sector i.e. without any real definition, and simply to refer to an off-the-shelf, non-customised service, system, or product . . . that may or may not be the “solution” to the client’s problem.

Assett prefers a more specific, more responsible, version of “solution” – one with greater application in the context of Facilities Maintenance:

Shaping and customising trades and disciplines in the plumbing, electrical, painting, and other relevant trades, to suit the specific needs, standards, specifications, and objectives of our specific client agency.


On the all-important note of risk management, the deeper the degree of understanding of a client’s business, the more effective the minimisation of risk – both protecting reputations, and enhancing the performance and lifespan of the client’s assets.

Our risk management processes are both thorough and highly specific to each client and its assets. They are also the subject of regular review, in recognition of the potential for changing circumstances in each asset and its related geography.

Meanwhile, Assett has an enviable performance record in safety:  Its record for Lost Time Due to Injury (LTI) for the 12-year period between 2011 and 2023, is 0 (zero) hours.

Always ahead in continuous improvement

Our sole focus on Social Housing maintenance means we have an inherently vested interest in the effective operation of the sector at large, and in being seen as an enterprise continually raising the bar in terms of service and quality in this, our chosen field of specialisation.