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Structured for Optimised Service Levels, Client Results & Tenant Satisfaction

In Facilities Maintenance, the keys to proficiency and overall superior performance include the ability to make timely and well-informed decisions and execute on them promptly.

This, in turn, requires speed, accuracy and undiluted communication flows – from field, to base, to management, to client, and on through to implementation, along with the monitoring and reporting of results (and – if you’re Assett – back through a cycle of continuous improvement).

In short, in a well-oiled machine (like Assett), there’s no room for “lost in translation” scenarios, lag time, or corporate procrastination. Thus, our internal “org chart” is characterised by a deliberate minimisation of hierarchical levels.

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Senior Management Team

Joe Puccio

Founder and Chief Executive

Steve Napoli

General Manager

Danny Verissimo

Business Manager

Kathleen Cain

Integrated Management System (IMS) Manager

The Broader Assett Team

The broader Assett team has grown steadily across our company’s to-date 16 years in business. We are now 43-strong in our core team of employees, complemented by a 783-strong field force of tradespeople.

Within our core organisational structure, we place particular priority on the personnel we appoint to our client-facing and in-the-field service management roles.

While we select these individuals for their natural aptitudes and alignment with our values, we also then train them in our trademark modus operandi:  one of high expectations, most especially in quality of service provision and, of equal importance, the manner in which those services are provided.

Allow us to introduce you to some of the most recognised faces in our broader client servicing team:

Jasmaine Shelton

Administration Manager

Ray Xerri

Senior Project Manager

Tracie Jacobson

Senior Project

Gabrielle Pearson

Team Leader

It takes the right culture to produce the right outcomes.

Maintaining our status and reputation relies on the currency of our knowledge and experience within our sector of specialisation – Social Housing.

Several key imperatives characterise our culture here at Assett:

We have humility.

It takes resilience, tenacity, energy, commitment, passion, and humility to succeed in Facilities Maintenance.

The greatest of these is humility. The variables, challenges, and learning curve in Facilities Maintenance are constant.

We have humanity.

We founded this business with a genuine heart for the mission of the Social Housing sector, and we continue to build with that same heart.

We deal with an end-client base that often requires the greatest of care and understanding. Heart and head need to operate in close synchronisation, in this field and in our work.

We actively encourage contribution and creativity.

Our motto is, “Look Forward to Mondays.”

And we mean it.

There’s no better way to make that a reality rather than a catchphrase, than to ensure our team members’ ideas and efforts are valued . . . and that they know they are.

There’s also no better way than to keep a company moving onwards and upwards towards its collective goals and visions, than to ensure all team members are heard, respected, and encouraged – and valued both for their own personal expertise and for their above-and-beyond inputs.

The Right People for the Right Job

There are special qualities required to succeed in providing Facilities Maintenance services to the Social Housing sector.

While we operate our business as a well-oiled machine, we do not view our people simply as componentry within it.

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