Why Assett?

We Are A People Business

We bring genuine meaning to the phrase:  “Big enough to deliver; small enough to care.”  For us, it’s not ad copy. It’s an apt description of who we are and how we approach our work and our clients.

While we offer a bespoke approach to each client, we reinforce the benefits of that with the strength of resources required to be a safe and secure business partner.

Our client-facing modus operandi is one of respect and genuinely close partnership, in order to ensure the closest possible understanding of your objectives and to integrate their achievement into our policies and practices.

That modus operandi is directly supported by our internal culture.

We Work Exclusively in the Social Housing Sector

We exist solely to service the needs of the Social Housing sector and its component organisations and agencies . . . and to do so proficiently, responsibly, sensitively, and to the degree that you provide us with the opportunity, proactively. 

Our working philosophy is to provide solutions rather than just a basic service.

Where you allow us the opportunity, we will view the service specifications simply as a baseline upon which we will bring to bear our full contingent of skills and talents – together with our unwavering motivation to exceed this baseline, in terms both of the value and the forward-thinking smarts we provide.

Quality Management

Quality of workmanship dictates the incidence of recalls and re-work, and has direct health and safety implications, most especially for the tenant base itself.

It can either reinforce or erode the integrity of a structure, and increase or reduce the asset’s lifespan. The quality – both of workmanship and components – can also directly influence the duration of tenants’ need to temporarily vacate a property.

Of course, Assett’s quality management system is built upon a base of all expected industry quality certification norms, including ISO9001.

Trade-Qualified Service People

Assett engages ONLY fully qualified, licensed and adequately insured tradespersons in the field.

This protects ALL parties:

The tenant, in terms of minimised disruption to their living environment through (genuinely) “getting it right first time”. Our client agencies, in terms of ensuring the right solution, the right materials, and as a result, the right duration of lifecycle. And Assett itself, in terms of our deeply valued reputation with our clientele and in the broader Social Housing sphere.

Value for Money (VfM)

Your choice of, and relationship with, your Facilities Maintenance provider holds the key to the optimised performance of your portfolio and all the assets within it.

Our exclusive dedication to Social Housing maintenance means we have a deep knowledge of the sector’s specific expectations, challenges, and stakeholder sensitivities.

Capitalising upon this, we have a proactive orientation towards asset protection, preservation, and lifecycle extension VfM strategies for the benefit of our Government and not-for-profit landlord agencies.

Governance, Systems & Compliance

The “performance” of your assets includes, at the most fundamental level, their functionality as clean, safe, habitable – and healthful – environments for your tenants.

At Assett, we see ourselves as your integral business partner in ensuring that provision. As your contracted Facilities Maintenance provider we are, effectively, an extension of your own organisation.  

We believe a tightly managed, compliant, and proficient FM provider – operating with high-functioning systems and streamlined communications – plays a critical role in helping its clients mitigate risk and meet all expected standards. (Assett’s own performance in safety, by way of example, includes a ZERO (0) hour record of Lost Time Due to Injury for the 12-year period between 2011 and 2023.)

Not only this, but an insightful FM provider fulfils this important partnership-style responsibility in a way that supports any broader or longer-term vision its clients hold.

Risk Management

The degree of understanding possessed by a Facilities Maintenance provider, of the client’s operating (including political) environment, underpins its capacity for thoroughness, forward-thinking, and also for the general standard of maintenance that can be expected by that client.

In short, the greater the depth of understanding of the client’s world, the more effective the minimisation of risk in all its forms – from reputational, to the performance and lifespan of the client’s assets, and everything in between. Clearly, a well-run (and especially a sector-specialising)  FM service provider is positioned to ensure the best possible, and most effectively risk-mitigated maintenance services to that sector’s participants.

Assett has an enviable performance record in, by way of just one example, safety. Its record for Lost Time Due to Injury (LTI) for the 12-year period between 2011 and 2023, is 0 (zero) hours.